Spring 2018


The Daily BOSS Work + Style by Loretta Rose

1) Clothing Brand|Collection with Dressed 365 Style Studio

2) The Career Style Academy

It’s HERE!

The Daily BOSS Work + Style Clothing Brand

I am so overjoyed to be able to offer you the NEW Daily BOSS Work + Style Clothing Brand & Career Style Academy…. I have worked very hard & diligently throughout this year to design, build, and develop this empowerment program for YOU!

The Work Style clothing Collections consists of Pantsuits + Blazers + Skirts & Accessories. 

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The Studio is about learning, creating, rejuvenating, & working LIFE Your Style! I have designed a lifetime learning career into one place for you to learn, develop, create, and believe in the lifestyle, career, and style you know you can be successful with.

You will enroll in amazing style & fashion classes, career courses, empowerment programs, and also have exclusive access to Career Style Inspirations & Career training + online tutorials by Loretta Rose, Designer| Project Manager|Educator.

The Studio will kick-off the 2018 year with 3 Series Programs:

*Every Week a NEW CLASS & Tutorial will be uploaded to the academy members.

*Every Month a NEW Online Class or Series will be offered to you.

*Every Month hosted LIVE Chats, Online Style Sessions + Giveaways, Free Worksheet Packages, and Journal Updates.

Membership is FREE and you will be able to connect and contact me and my team. Also, members can connect & network online with each other through the Facebook Page….“Loretta Rose Style” by Loretta Rose.



The NEW Spring 2018 Ready To Wear Collection .. “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL”  Releases March 2018!

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