The Graceful “Big Chop” Chicks of 2017

 The Graceful “Big Chop” Chicks of 2017

Boldness, Conviction and love for your hair, diversity, and having the courage in all the busyness of life… at The Dressed 365 Studio I do celebrate my 2nd Anniversary of The Big Chop with my natural glory of also being fearless…and I Love it!

Today’s hair post is dedicated to the Amazing ladies of celebrity style that were self confident in your commitment to the natural crowns. You are empowering women as yourself to take the steps to freedom in hair in which give us all our unique style, poise, image, and cultural heritage. Here’s just a few of our most admirable American Actresses with “Big Chop” that rock their stylish & confident crowning glory….

4506e89ab0b45a375af6a3378afbb471 Keke Palmer

itishamage Tisha Campbell-Martin

unnamedSanaa Lathan

unddadnamed Taraji P. Henson

unndafdfamed Zoe Kravitz


**Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, photos and images on Dressed are reposted and are readily available on within/via the internet and we believe to be in the public domain also to be published according to the U.S. copyright fair use act  (title 17, U.S. Code.) copyright 2006-2017. 

***All the text herein written is the property of the author and may not be copied or reproduced without explicit permission.






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