The Concierge Team


The Concierge Team

The Dressed365 Studio concierge CORE team  welcomes you with a favorable, enthusiastic, and encouraging atmosphere  and provides the following complimentary amenities + concierge  including:

  • Daily Brunch Bar | Coffee Bar
  • Receiving Packages for tenants
  • Print + Copy Center + Mail Station
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Connections
  • Suite housekeeping & maintenance
  • Complimentary Beauty|Towel Package
  • Complimentary Fashion |Sewing Package
  • Comfortable Lobby & Waiting Area for guests
  • The“Working Place” Monthly Team Building Sessions
  • Concierge included in Weekly|Monthly fee
  • Escorting guests within the building
  • Weekly Newsletter from Dressed365 Studio Suites
  • Friendly Front-desk guest reception & escorting guests
  • Business Empowerment workshops, webinars, & networking events

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